• Qualifications :

    Un. of California Davis USA                 PhD (Physics)                    1979

    Un  of Kent at Canterbury  England    MSc.(Physics)                     1972

    Un. of Malaya                                       BSc. (Hons)                        1970

    Un. of  Malaya                                      BSc. (Gen)                         1969

    Convent Bukit Nanas  1964-1965       Higher School  Certificate   1965

    Kolej Tunku Kurshiah   1962-1963     Malaysian Cert. of Exam      1963

                                                                Senior Cambridge Certificate  1963

               Malay Girls College       1959-1961     Lower Cert. of Examination    1961
  • Specialisation :

    Physics Education

    Science, society and culture

  • Areas of Research :

    Physics Education                          

    Science and Society


  • Current Projects and Grants :

    1. Speaker for Module on Developing Children Excellent in Science:Islamic Mould in a Nationwide project fortnightly conducting two times weekend  "Day Seminar for Visionary Parents - Toward Developing Excellent Children" wholly sponsored by alBukhary Foundation and managed by ESP Sistem Rancang Sdn Bhd. Places where seminar had been held:

    Johor :                28 February 2004    Parit Sulong 

                              29 February 2004    Mersing

    Penang :             13 March 2004        Penaga Kepala Batas     .

                              14 March 2004        Teluk Kumbar, Balik Pulau

    Perak  :              27 March 2004       Setiawan

                              28 March 2004       Teluk Intan

    Negeri Sembilan: 10 April 2004        Paroi - Senawang

                              11 April 2004         Gemenceh  


    2. Through students' resarch projects:


              i)Developing Teching model for the Teaching of Light and Vision at secondary science level (PhD Level)

    ii) Developing multimedia materials on light at secondary science level (MsC level)

    U/G Level

    i) Patient knowledge and awareness of risks of x-ray treatment

    ii) Workers' knowledge of physics underlying padi processing in Kelantan.




    No Matrik



    Intan Fariza Gaaffar


    Patient Awareness of  Risks due to  X-ray and Nuclear Treatment


    Suhaila binti Sepeai



    Naimah binti Ismail



    Hazirah binti Yahya



    Syafawati Zaim



    Nur Ashikin bt Zakaria



    Zuraida bt Zahari




    bt Baharin



    Nurul Akmal Ahmad Nabir


    Preparation and Rreadiness of Knowledge Workers in Padi Factory.


    Tengku Hasnan

     Tengku Aziz



    Rafidah Hasbullah


    Characteristics of Attractive Physics Exhibitories at the antional Science Centre Malaysia


    Saizatul Surianey Ramle



    Nur ul umi bt Mohd Isa



    Hasliza Zakaria


    Work Ethics in Industry


             i) Factors attracting or distancing school children to exhibitories in science centres (U/G Level)

            ii) Effective Communication of Physics Ideas between Teachers and Preschool Children  in rural Areas (Msc level)

          iii) Role of Parents as Agents of Enculturating Science among School Children


  • Selected Publications :

    1.  Khalijah Mohd Salleh: Science for Social Development: Issues and Challenges.  Presented at the Academy of  Sciences Malaysia  Inaugral Lecture 2004, February 2004.

    2. Lilia Halim. Nor Aishah Buang, & Khalijah Mohd Salleh. Entrepreneurial Orientation in Science and Technology Education among Malay Secondary School Children Orientasi. Report for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Premier Research Project AP1/2000, Developing Malay Competency amidst Globalisation. Submitted December 2003.

    3. Khalijah Mohd Salleh, Othman Omar, Abu Hassan Shaari Mohd Nor, Faridah Shahadan & Rahimah Abdul Aziz. May 2003. Public Awareness of Science and Technology in Malaysia 2002. Report in three Volumes: Executive Summary, Full Report and Appendix,  submitted to The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Malaysia.

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