• Qualifications :

    BSc.(Hon)Chem. Eng.(Leeds), PhD(QEC, London)




  • Specialisation :

    Fermentation technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Design of Waste Water Treatment Plant




  • Areas of Research :

    1. Design of biological systems (single and multistage) for the production of 

       primary and secondary metabolites.

    2. Evaluation (qualititive and quantitative) of fermentation process.

    3. Development of high density biomass production systems.

    4. Production of cellulase, CGTase, Itaconic acid, bioinsecticides, GLA,

        biotransformation of natural rubber


  • Current Projects and Grants :
      1        Status      :  Member

    Title         : Continuous Hydrogenation of Palm Oil Using Supported Catalysts

                Duration   : 1986 - 1990

                Funding    : UKM. RM 55,000

                Member   : Professor Dr. Che Husna Azhari (Project Leader)

                Outcome  : A Postgraduate student

                                  A Postgraduate Thesis

                                  Two papers in journal and several papers in proceeding

                                  A Final Report

    2          Status       : Member

                Title          : Hydrodynamic Studies In Circulating Fluidised Bed Reactor

                Duration    : 1994

                Funding     :  Suruhanjaya Sains EC-Asean RM 450,000

                Members  : Prof. Pierre Guigon      

                                  Prof. Khalil Shakourzadeh

                                  Professor Dr. Che Husna Azhari (Project Leader)

                                  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Masrinda Tasirin

                Outcome  : A pilot plant -Circulating Fluidised Bed Reactor

                                  A proceeding at the National Level                     

    2                    Status      : Member

                Title         : Properties of Particle in Solid Flow

                Duration   : 1997- 1999

                Funding    : UKM RM 10,000

                Members  : Professor Dr. Che Husna Azhari (Project Leader)

                                  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Masrinda Tasirin

    3                    Status       : Project Leader

                Title          : Biotransformation of Natural Rubber in Packed Bioreactor


                Duration    : 1997- 1999

                Funding     : IRPA 01-04-0040 RM 70,000

                Members   : Dr. A. Ikram (RRI) (project leader)

                                   Dr. Zainal Abidin (RRI)

                                  Professor Dr. Che Husna Azhari

    5          Status         : Member

                Title            : The Malays Technology

                Members     : Prof. Muhammad Haji Salleh SN dan Pengarah ATMA (project leader)

                                    Prof. Dr.Wan Ramli Wan Daud

                                    Prof. Dr. Che Husna Azhari

                                    Assoc. Professor Dr. Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff

                                    Professor Dr. Kamaruddin Yusoff

                                    Professor Dr. Hassan Basri

                                    Assoc. Professor Dr. Yusoff Ali

                                    Assoc. Prof.Dr. Shahidan Radiman


    6          Status          : Project Leader

    Title            : Preliminary Evaluation of Production of Bioinsecticides from local waste materials

                Duration       : 1987 -1991

                Funding        : RM 30,000 IFS E/1068 SWEDEN

                Member       : Prof Mohd Sanusi Jangi      

                Outcome      : Several undergraduate theses

                                    Articles in proceeding                

    7          Status           : Project Leader

                Title             : Utilization of Cells and Enzyme Production to change cellulosic        


                Duration       : 1988-1993

                Funding        : IRPA 4-07-03-008

                Members      : Prof. Dr.Abdul Jalil Abdul Kader  (Project Leader)     

                                      Prof. Dr.Othman Omar

                                      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauzi Daud

                Outcome       : A postgraduate student

                                      Several undergraduate theses

                                      Packed Bioreactor system for fermentation  processes

                                      Articles in proceeding/journals

    8          Status            : Project Leader

                Title               : Continuous production of bioinsecticides

                Duration         : 1988 - 1993

                Funding          : IRPA 4-07-03-003

                Members        : Prof. Dr.Nor Muhammad Mahadi (project leader)

                                        Prof. Dr.Mohd Sanusi Jangi

               Outcome          : Several undergraduate theses

                                        A bioreactor system set–up for continuous production of  

                                        bioinsecticides  .

                                        Articles in proceeding/journal        

    9         Status               : Project Leader

               Title                  : Production of Itaconic Acid for Biopolymers

              Duration            : 1991 - 1995

              Funding             : MPKSN RM 25,000 BP2 9370088

              Member            : Professor  Dr. Che Husna Azhari     

              Outcome           : A Postgraduate student

                                         Several undergraduate theses

                                        Articles in proceeding

    10        Status              : Project Leader

    Title                : The production of cyclodextrin glucosyl transferace (CGT ase) by bacteria.

    Duration          : started Mac 2000

                Funding           : RM 72,000.00 KSTAS : IRPA 09-02-02-0118

                Member          : Dr. Aidil Abd. Hamid  UKM

                                        Dr. Rosli Md. Illias       UTM

                                        Dr. Noor Aini Abd. Rashid UTM


    11        Status              : project leader

                Title                 : Biotransformation of natural rubber by actinomicete #4

                Funding            : KSTAS : IRPA 01-04-04-0040

                Fund                : RM 70,000.00

                Members         : Dr. A. Ikram    LGM

                                         Prof Dr. Che Husna Azhari   UKM

    12        Status              : programme leader

                Title                 : Production of Microbial Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

               Funding            : KSTAS : IRPA 09-02-02-001 (BTK/TD/001) Top-down RM8

                Fund                : RM 880,000 untuk 3 tahun (2001-2004)

                Members         : Dr. Aidil Abd. Hamid  UKM            secretariat

                                         Dr. Rosli Md. Illias      UTM            sub-project head

                                         Dr. Hirzun                  UPM            sub-project head

                                         Dr. Subari                   MARDI        sub-project head

                                         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Khan Ayub UKM   sub-project head


  • Selected Publications :


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               endotoxin in Batch  Culture. NU Science Journal; 4(1): 18-24



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