• Qualifications :
    University of Southampton: PhD
  • Specialisation :
    Professor of Banking and Financial Economics
  • Areas of Research :

    Banking, Financial Economics; Macroeconomics

  • Current Projects and Grants :

    Abd. Ghafar Ismail , Mohd. Azlan Shah Zaidi, Zulkefly Abdul Karim and Hairunniza Wahid (2003) Bond Price Evaluation: Risk Premium and Convexity (code no.: EE/026/2002).


  • Selected Publications :

    1.     Abdul Ghafar Ismail and Ahmad Azam Sulaiman (2007) Default and Recovery Rates on Islamic Banks Financing: Implications for the New Capital Adequacy Standard. Review of Islamic Economics Vol. 11,107-122.

    2.     Abdul Ghafar Ismail dan Zakaria Bahari (2007) Monetary Policy, Debt and the Cyclical Behavior of Inventories, Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business, 9(1): 41-60.

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    4.     Fathin Faizah Said dan Abdul Ghafar Ismail (2007) Are Asset size and capital strength matters in influencing the bank-lending channel? Thammasat Economic Journal, 25(2):134-155.

    5.     Fathin Faizah Said dan Abdul Ghafar Ismail (2007) How Does the Changes in Monetary Policy Affect Lending Behaviour of Islamic Banking In Malaysia, Jurnal Ekonomi Pembangunan, Vol. 12 No.3, 163-177.

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    11. Roza Hazli Zakaria and Abdul Ghafar Ismail (2009) Banks’ Securitization Indicator. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics. 24:223-236 (ISSN 1450-2887)


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