• Name : LEE YOOK HENG
  • Qualifications :

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.), Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge University, ENGLAND

    Master of Science (MSc.), Dept. Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge, ENGLAND

    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, First Class Honours), Dept, Faculty of Science & Natural Resources , UKM, Sabah Campus.

    Member & Chartered Chemist (C.Chem.)of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), England

    Assoicate Member (AMIC), Malaysian Institute of Chemistry.

    Associate Fellow, Institute of  Environment & Development (LESTARI), UKM

  • Specialisation :

    * Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry (Sensors & biosensors)

    * Environmental Chemistry and Toxicity

    * Water chemistry

  • Areas of Research :

    * Biosensor & biodevices for food, industry, environmental, clinical analyses and biomedical applications.

    * Environmental/chemical toxicity evaluation and management

    * Water pollution and treatment

  • Current Projects and Grants :

    Bioanalytical chemistry and related fields:





    2004 -

    Nanotechnology in biosensor and biodevice

    Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network


    Nanobiosensors – Fluorescent PEBBLER

    Royal Society, London


    Biodiversity of Iron and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in Malaysia: Potential application in metal recovery and biosensors.

    IRPA 02-99-06-0106-EA06 (MUST)


    Novel polymeric membrane technology for bisensors application in organic contaminants detection.

    Top-Down 09-03-03-0006 Biotek



    Design of DNA and enzyme biosensors from acrylic membranes.

    IRPA 09-02-02-0002-EA057


    Development of membranes for toxicity biosensor utilising photolithography technologies.

    IRPA 09-02-02-0136


    Environmental chemistry, toxicity, management and related fields:

    2004 -

    Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy (HELP)- Basin of Langat River



    Development of national profile & assessment of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) management infrastructure.



    Integrated Langat Basin Environmental studies

    IRPA 08-02-02-0047


    Integrated management of coastal zones of Port Klang and Langat Estuary

    LUAS/International Maritime Organisation (IMO)


    Environmental toxicity and management

    Japanese Society Promotion of Science-Vice Chancellor Council (JSPS-VCC)




  • Selected Publications :

    Recent Journal Publications:

     Sensor/Biosensor Research

    Lee Yook Heng and E.A.H Hall., 2000, Taking the plasticiser out of methacrylic-acrylic membranes for K+-selective electrodes. Electroanalysis, 12, 3, 187-193

    Lee Yook Heng and E.A.H Hall, 2000, One-step synthesis of K+-selvective methacrylic-acrylic copolymers containing grafted inophore and requiring no plasticiser. Electroanalysis, 12, 3, 178-186.

    Lee Yook Heng and E.A.H Hall, 2000, Making non-plasticised ion-selective membranes. Anal. Chem. 72, 42-51

    Lee Yook Heng and E.A.H. Hall, 2001, Methacrylic-arylic polymers in ion-selective membranes: achieving the right polymer recipe., Anal.Chim. Acta, 403 (2001) 77-89

    Lee Yook Heng, E.A.H. Hall, 2001, Assessing a photocured self-plasticised acrylic membrane recipe for Na+ and K+ ion-selective electrodes, Anal. Chmim Acta, 443, 1, 25-40.

    Lee Yook Heng, Loh Han Chern, Elizabeth A. H. Hall and Musa Bin Ahmad., 2002, The possibility of non-plasticised methacrylic-acrylic membrane based ion sensors for the analysis of lithium and pH in human blood, Malaysian J. Chemistry, IKM, 4,1,41-46.

    Lee Yook Heng, Loh Han Chern and Musa Ahmad, 2002, A Hydrogen Ion-Selective Sensor Based on non-plasticised methacrylic-acrylic membranes., Sensors, 2,, 339-346.

    Wong, F. Ahmad, M. Heng, L.Y., 2003, The use of artificial neural network to optimize the pH response range of chlorophenol red, Asian J. OF Sc & Tech. Dev., 384, 253-259.

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    Michalska, A. J. Appaih-Kusi, C., Heng, Lee Yook, Walkiewicz, S. Hall E.A.H, 2004, An experiment study of membrane materials and inner contacting layers for ion-selective K+ electrodes with a stable response, Anal Chem, 76(7), 2031-2039.

    Lee Yook Heng, Klara Toth, E.A.H. Hall., 2004, Ion-transport and diffusion coefficients of non-plasticised methacrylic-acrylic ion-selective membranes.Talanta, 63, 73-87, 2004.

    Lee Yook Heng, Sagir Alva and Musa Ahmad., 2004, Ammonium ion sensor based on photo-cured and self-plasticising acrylic films for the analysis of sewage., Sensors & Actuators B, 98, 160-165.

    Low Sim Bean, Lee Yook Heng, Bohari M. Yamin, Musa Ahmad., 2005 Photocurable ferrocene-containing pHEMA films for mediated amperometric biosensor., Thin Solid Films (Elsevier) 477, 104-110

    Tay Chia Chay, Salmijah Surif, Lee Yook Heng., 2005, A copper toxicity biosensor using immobilized cyanobacteria, Anabaena torulosa, Sensor Letters, In press.

    Low Sim Bean, Lee Yook Heng, Bohari M. Yamin, Musa Ahmad, 2005, The electrochemical behaviour of ferrocene in a photocurable poly(methyl methacrylate-co-2-hydroxylethyl methacrylate) film for a glucose biosensor, Bioelectrochemistry, Elsevier, 65, 157-162.

    Rita Sundari, Musa Ahmad, Lee Yook Heng, 2005, Development of an Optical Fiber Reflectance Sensor for Copper (II) Detection Based on Immobilised Salicylic Acid. Sensor & Actuators B, Chemical, Manuscript No. 0407-12 (In press).

    Environmental Chemistry & Toxicity

     Mohamed Ali Fahlalla, Lee Yook Heng, W. Ratnam., 2004, . Metal distribution and contamination of the Mamut River, Malaysia, caused by copper mine discharge., Bull. Env. Contam. Toxicol., 73(3), 535-542.

    Lee Yook Heng, K. Jusoh, C.H. Mui Ling, M. Idris., 2004, Toxicity of single and combinations of lead and caddmium to the cyanobacteria Anabaena flos-aqua., Bull. Env. Contam. Toxicol, 72(2), 373-379, 2004.

    Zuriati Z., Lee Yook Heng, Md. Pauzi Abdullah, Rozita, Laily Din., 2003, The Environmental Contamination by Organochlorine Insecticides of Some Agricultural Areas in Malaysia., Malaysian J. Chemistry, IKM, 5, 1, 78-85.

    Lee Yook Heng, Mazlin Mokhtar, Saydos Rusin, 2004, The Bioaccumulation of trace essential metals by the freshwater snail, Turritella sp found in the rivers of Borneo East Malaysia., J. of Biol. Sciences,, 4(4), 441-444, 2004.

    Lee Yook Heng, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, Almah Bt Awaluddin & Junaidi Payne, 2003, The microelement content of food plants of Orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) from the rainforest of Sabah., Sabah Park Nature Journal, 6, 85-96.

    Naransa, L., Dayang A.A., Lee Y.H., Mazlin, M., Khairul H.Y., 2001, Kajian kandungan logam toksik dalam makanan mentah di pasar Semenyih., J. Kesihatan Masyarakat, 7, 24-28. ISSN:1675 1663.

    Books & Chapters in books:

    Mazlin Mokhtar, Mohd Talib Latif, Lee Yook Heng, 2003, Water Chemistry, ISBN 967-61-1410-3, Utusan Publisher, Kuala Lumpur.

    Musa Ahmad, Lee Yook Heng, Jumat Salimon, Deepak K. Ghodgoankar, Rabi W. Yousof, Salmijah Surif, Mohamad Nasir Taib., 2003, Sensors: AsiaSense 2003, ISBN 0-7803-8102-5, IEEE, New Jersey, USA..pp302.

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    Tay Chia Chay, Salmijah Surif, Lee Yook Heng. 2003, Whole-cell toxicity biosensor based on Anabaena sp for 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid toxicity assessment in Analytical Chemistry: Application and Current Issues. Eds. Zaini Assim, Fasihuddin Ahmad, Ismail Jusoh, Lau Seng, Murtedza Mohamed, ISBN983-9257-33-1, , UNIMAS/ANALIS, Kuching. 311-315.

    Lee Yook Heng, Mazlin Mokhtar, Salmijah Surif., 2003, Environment Toxicity Research by JSPS group from UKM: Future Prospects. In Environmental Toxicity Evaluation and Risk Management,, Eds. S. Morisawa & M. Mokhtar, Vol I, JSPS-VCC, Japan , 6-14

    Lee Yook Heng, Mazlin Mokhtar, Isao Aoyama, Luo Rong, Hideo Okumura. 2004, Microorganism as indicators of chemical toxicity for the management of toxic effluent discharge., In Indicators of sustainable development: Assessing changes in environmental conditions. Eds. A. Latiff, J.J. Pereira, A. Hezri Adnan, A.A. Aldrie (Ed), Lestari, UKM, Chap. 19, Lestari UKM 277-287.

    Maimon Abdullah, Salmijah Surif, Chang P.Y. & Lee Yook Heng, 2004, Potential use of rooted macrophytes, fish (T. mossambica) and gastropod snails as bioindicators for heavy metal pollution in freshwater aquatic ecosystems., In Indicators of sustainable development: Assessing changes in environmental conditions. Eds. A. Latiff, J.J. Pereira, A. Hezri Adnan, A.A. Aldrie (Ed), Lestari, UKM, Chap. 19, Lestari UKM 277-287

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