• Qualifications :

    1972-76 Victoria Institution 

    (1977) Malay College Kuala Kangsar 

    Norfolk College of Arts and Technology (U.K) ( 1977-79) 

    1979-82   BSc Hons Queen Mary College (Univ. of London ) (Theoretical Physics)- student adviser Prof. J.M Charap (field -Quantum Gravity and Head of Physics Dept., QMC) 

    Sijil Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah ( MTC, P.Pinang ,1983)

    1984-86  (Secondary School Teacher , Sek. Men Seri Tanjung 

     Phd ( fellowship Shell -Cambridge Commonwealth Trust (1986-89)

    UKM (1990) ) University of Cambridge - Experimental Physics , Thesis title" Structural Characterisation of Microemulsion Systems "- supervisor Prof. Dr. C. Toprakcioglu ( field -Chemical Physics , Colloids and Complex Fluids).

    Fellow: American Biographical Institute (1998-) ; Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Society ( 1989-) ; Cambridge Philosophical Society ( 1990-)

    Head of Nuclear Science Programme: July 1998-July 2004

    Chairman , School of Applied Physics , Fac of Sc. and Technology (2009-2010)

    Deputy Dean (Undergrad and Alumni) , Fac. of Sc and Technology (2010 -now)

    Administrative Commitee, Islamic Academy of Sc., Malaysia ( 1998-now)

    Administrative Committee, Malaysian Nuclear Society (1998-now) becoming Secretary of MNS (1998-2002).

    Aug1995- March 1996  - Sabbatical leave , ( ADB fellowship) - Los Alamos Neutron Science Centre (Los Alamos, contact person: Dr. R.P Hjelm Jr.) and Sandia Laboratory ( Albuquerque, contact person : Dr. Thomas Rieker) and Cavendish Lab , Cambridge ( contact person: Prof. A.M Donald and Prof. Dr Sir Sam Edwards).

    • Reviewer of several local and international journals incl. Material Letts., J. Crystal Growth  , J. Solid State Chem. and  J. Nanoparticle Research.
    • A  member of Cluster Develoment Commitee SAGA grants (Physics, The Nobel Path) , Malaysian Academy of Sc. and MOSTI , NSF grant reviewer for MOSTI and member of Majlis Keselamatan Negara on CWT (Chemical Warfare Treaty).
    • 2003 - Pengajar Cemerlang award (Best Lecturer) by the Faculty
    •  2004 - Khidmat  Cemerlang ( Best Worker) by UKM.
    • 2005  - Consultations:  was hired to do Technology Evaluation (Due Diligence) of a hi-tech company by SIRIM Bhd and current  a consultant for BAE International  Inc. Sdn Bhd.
    • 2009- now - Postgrad Programme Advisor , College of Engineering , UNITEN
    • 2010 - Consultation for TNB by UKM Pakarunding Sdn Bhd
    • 2010-now - Panel on Malaysia Product Excellence Award ( MITI and SIRIM)
    • 2011 - Member, Malaysian Nuclear Power Corporation Steering Committee
    • 2011- Member , Nuclear Power Task Force , Eng. Cluster , Malaysia Professors Council
  • Specialisation :

    Small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering techniques ; Rheology of  Soft Matter ; Nanoparticle Synthesis and Applications Using Colloidal and Electrochemical Methods; Sufisme  and Islamic Sciences (especially from the Malay world and Theosophy of Ibn Arabi , al Qunawi and A.Rahman Jami ); Fundamental Problems in Quantum Mechanics especially Quantum Biology.

    Currently we have a Simultaneous Small and Wide Angle Xray scattering Instrument ( one of 3 existing in Asia) supplied by Hercus-Braun Co., Austria and a Lab-Synchrotron Source supplied by Unisantis S.A ( Switzerland) given to us through the Hon.Former Prime Minister of Malaysia ,Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed (both in Block C , Nuclear Sc. Building) -this will be upgraded soon for protein crystallography. We also have a 14 MeV electron accelerator given by NucTech Beijing (still at Kastam Depot).

    Examples of theses where I was elected as External Examiner:

    2001: Azizah Mainal ( Dept. of Chemistry , UM) " Glycolipid Chemistry : Synthesis and Computational Studies" (MSc)

    2002: Zahariah Ismail ( Dept. of Chemistry, UPM) " Emulsion studies on palm-oil based esters" ( PhD)

    2005: Adiasetia Mohd Dom ( ISTAC , UIA) " The physical Theory of Fakhruddin al -Razi" (PhD).

    Many more for 2008-1011 (to be updated later)

    I have taught STSN3252 -Advanced Nuclear Physics , STSN3512 - High Energy Physics since 1990 and STSN 1043 - Nuclear Sc Lab I  since 2000 for undergraduate , STSP 6373 -Nanotechnology (with Dr. Azmi Hamid) , STSP 6343 - Statistical Mechanics since 2002 and recently STSP 6023 - Applied Quantum Mechanics (with Dr. Puad Othman) and STSP6043- Advanced Mathematical Methods (with Dr. Puad Othman/ Dr. Sithi) for postgraduate students. Also have been teaching LK5282 - Non-Ionising Radiation safety Management since 1998 at the Centre For Educational Development , UKM and STSN5013 - Fundamentals of Radiation for IAEA sponsored students at UKM since 2002. I have also contributed to teaching several subjects in other departments e.g Colloid Chemistry , Surface Chemistry at the Oleochemistry Programme and Introduction to Material Sc., Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue and Electron Microscopy at the Material Sc. Programme.

  • Areas of Research :

    IRPA 09-02-02-0032-SR0032/04-04 " Nanomaterial Synthesis and Applications Using Glycolipids" (Grant for 2002-2004 , 3 years-now extended to March 2006).We are applying for another SR project ( extension of this project , concentrating on Organic-Inorganic Nanoparticles) .

    The projects covers : nanomaterial synthesis ( microemulsion , micellar and LC templating , electrochemical and mechanical alloying) , glycolipid chemical synthesis and characterisation of phases formed from glycolipids ; nanofabrication and materials modification using nanotechniques ; thermodynamics and rheology of lyotropic liquid crystal phases as well as non-equilibrium structures such as myelin figures and colloidal-gas aphrons.

    Previously (since 1995) I have been involved in 5 IRPA projects , one of which I am the Head , one CICHE Project (Coordinator) in 1994-96 and one Malaysian Toray Science Foundation (Head) in 1992-94.


      Current grants

    Research Grants Received


    1.   UKM-ST-06-FRGS0022-2007


    2.    UKM-OUP-NBT-27-138/2008  


    3.   UKM-GUP-NBT-08-27-106 


    4.   UKM-ST-07-FRGS0018-2010 


    5.   UKM-AP-NBT-15-2010


    6.   STGL-007-2010/11


    7. ERGS/1/2011/STG/UKM/01/24                                                                     2011

  • Current Projects and Grants :

    Nanomaterial Synthesis and Applications Using Glycolipids under IRPA 09-02-02-0032-SR0004/04-04 (Head of Project 4).-Head of Programme is Prof. Dr. Rauzah Hashim , Dept. of Chemistry , U.M. Publications under this project since Jan .2002 totalled 52 (including proceedings).We  targeted 20 International and 50 (the rest) by Dec 2004.

    Scientific Advisor for this project is Prof. Dr. Peter Laggner, Director Inst. of Biophysics and X-ray Research (Graz, Austria) , a member of the Austrian Academy of Science and  Board of Director , European Inst. of Nanotechnology as well as Director of SAXS facility at the Electrra Synchrotron, Trieste , Italy. He had visited us twice , the last in Dec. 2003.

    Visitors in our project include Prof. Dr. Muradin Kumakhov ( inventor of Lab Synchrotron Source  and Kumakhov optics) , Director , Inst. of Roentgen Optics , Moscow ( August, 2004) and recently , Prof. Robert Holyst , Director , Inst. of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science  in Oct. 2004.

    Under this project we have one patent: " Synthesis of Branched Glycolipids and Applications"  (with Prof. Dr. Rauzah Hashim) -filed under PHIM ref. PI 20051074 (now the patent coverage is already worldwide) .Under this patent we claimed up to 10 different applications of the generic glycolipids ( > 60 already synthesised).In 2008 we have another patent with researchers at Univ of Nottingham ( Dr. Khiew Poi Sim)  and in 2011 we are filing a patent on New Method of Nanooxide Materials Productiong Using Microwave Technique.

    So far (since 2003)  I have  graduated more than 40 MSc and Phd students and about 10 MSc (by course) miniprojects. Currently (as of Oct. 2011) I am supervising 9 Phd students and 4 MSc students in UKM  and another 2 Phs students at UPNM.

  • Selected Publications :

    Total no. of publications ( including proceedings etc) since 1990 ( year elected as UKM lecturer) = 410 papers (incl. non-technical papers (e.g Islamic sciences , education seminars ). Recent papers include

    1.       .S.S Gasaymeh , S.Radiman , L.Y Heng and E. Saion , 2010. Gamma Irradiation Synthesis and Influence of optical and Thermal properties of Cadmium Sulphide (CdS)/Poly (Vinyl Pyrolidone) Nanocomposites , American J of Applied Sc 7 (4) :500-508, ISSN 1546-9239

    2.       G.H Mohamed Saeed , S.Radiman , S.S Gasaymeh , H.N Lim and N.M Huang , 2010. Mild hydrothermal synthesis of Ni-Cu nanoparticles , J. Nanomaterials Vol. 2010 ID184137 (5 pages) Hindawi Pub Corp.

    3.       Setia Budi , A.R Daud , S.Radiman and A.Ali Umar , 2010. Effective electrodeposition of Co-Ni-Cu alloy nanoparticles in the presence of alkyl polyglucoside surfactant , Applied Surface science 257 , 1027-1033

    4.       M.N Anamt , S.Radiman , N.M Huang , M.A Yarmo , N.P Ariyanto , H.N Lim and M.R Muhamad , 2010. Sol-gel hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth-TiO2 nanocubes for dye-sensitized solar cell , Ceramics International 36 ,2215-2220

    5.       C.Y Haw, C.H Chia , S.Zakaria, F.Mohamed , S.Radiman , C.H The , P.S Khiew , W.S Chiu , N.M Huang , 2010. Morphological studies of randomized dispersion magnetite nanoclusters coated with silica , Ceramics International xxx, xxx-xxx (article in press)

    6.       R. Al-Gaashani , S.Radiman, N. Tabet and A.Razak Daud , 2010. Effect of microwave power on the morphology and optical property of zinc oxide nano-structures prepared via a microwave-assisted aqueous solution method, Materials chemistry and Physics xxx, xxx-xxx (article in press)

    7.       M. Vafaee , M. Sasani Ghamsari and S.Radiman , 2010. Highly concentrated zinc oxide nanocrystals sol with strong blue emission , J. of Luminescence x, xxx-xxx (article in press)

    8.       Siti Amira Othman , S.Radiman , Khoo Kok Siong  and Irman A.Rahman  , 2010. Immobilisation of horseradish Peroxidase onto Polyaniline Nanoparticle Monolayer, World Applied Science Journal 9 ( Special issue of Nanotechnology) , 23-25 , ISSN 1818-4952

    9.       Z.M.M Houmani , Amran Ab Majid , S.Radiman and Z. Ahmad , 2010. Influence of the physico-chemical properties of Selangor soil series on the distribution coefficient (Kd-value) of 226Ra , J. Radioanalytical Nucl. Chem. 285 , 271-277

    1   T.A Tabet, Fauziah Aziz , S.Radiman , 2011. Application of Small-angle Xray Scattering to predict MicroFibril Angle in Acacia Mangium Wood, Adv Material Research 173 , 72-22

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